Björn M Jakobsen work CV

1971-1972 Working as an AV producer and photographer  in London, UK

1972-1989 Working as producer and director of film and Audio Visual presentations for education, science and Television.

1978-1981 consultant for the museum of Malmö department technique and ship. Exhibition producer for AV solutions, including dramaturgically work. Director of producing a number of film abut technique, the developing of malmö airport, how to fly the Swedish combat flight Draken

1982 The documentation af the excavation of 5 Viking ships in foteviken ”Dokumentation av utgrävningen av  fem vikingaskepp vid Foteviken”.

1983  Ethnological work, Research and interviews oft the last couple of fishermen’s in the city of Malmö

1986 -  Initiated the organisation of the association Scandinavian Viking Explorer Group – 350 members Chairman  1986-

1987 Film documentary of the anniversary of the find of the Viking ships in the fjord of Roskilde in Denmark.

1987 Part of the reconstruction work of the experimental village in Hög Sweden including video documentation of the building of the houses and also the experimental with iron work.

1988 Part of the maritime research group in Skegrieborg och Helge river i Scania led by  docent Anders Ödman.

1988 Maritime Research and ethnologically work including documentation , interviewers of locals about the find and excavation of the Falsterbo boat 1948 dated to the  1300 century today on exhibition at Falsterbo museum but never documented .

1989 An experimental project with a dug out canoe going from Travemunde, Germany to Trelleborg Sweden.

1990 Partner and responsibly for the Audio visual production of the Viking presentation on the big Viking exhibition in Florens, Italy 1989 and Malmö, Sweden 1990

1990 Part of the georadar investigation and  research for the old over sanded medieval city of Falsterbo

1990-1992 Documentation of the excavation of the Swedish Trelleborg, i Skåne for the museum of Trelleborg

1989-1995 In charge of mariarcheolgicly diving team and the inventory of the maritime area around the Falsterbo

1991 A part of the ship excavation team  and the excavation of the medieval Ship find Knösen dated 1157

1992 In Charge of the Maritime investigation team ”inventory the Maritime Sweden”  with maritime research of underwater ships and constructions.

1992 -1995 Project manager, researcher and one of the editors of the production of the biggest education book and video production for maritime archaeologist and sport divers. Material includes 600 pages and 8 hours edit video divided into 24 parts. Partner Professor Johan Rönnby, Professor Carl Olof Cederlund, Lector Christer Westerdahl

1992-1995 Excavation leader of the maritime excavation of the Skanör kogg outside Skanör, Sweden dated 1380

1992- 1994 Project leader for the inventory and phosphate analyse of the bay of Foteviken

1992 On the behalf of the Municipalityof Vellinge planning, organising and the developing of the Museum at Foteviken

1993 Research and reconstruction work of the Viking ship find ”Foteviken 1” Including of making a full scale replica of the ship.

1993 - 1994 Responsibly for the inventory of local farmers around the bay of foteviken

1993-1998 Member in the steering group for the the Swedish marine archeologically ” styrgruppen för ”Sveriges Marinarkeologiska Råd”.

1993 -  Director for the museum of Foteviken.

1999  - 1999 Head of the marine archeologically inventory in Skälderviken, Sweden.

1998-2003 Head for the full scale reconstruction of two cog ships, Skanörskoggen och Almerekoggen.

1999-2005 Vice chairman of the Swedish network for Archeologically museum and experimental  archaeology, “Nätverk Sveriges Levande Forntid”

2003 - member of the board of EXARC (European Exchange on Archaeological Research and Communication)

2003 - 2009 Director for the Koggmuseum in Malmö.

2005 – 2009 President of EXARC (European Exchange on Archaeological Research and Communication) med 68 member museum and  organisation in Europe.

2006 –  2016 Chairman of NOOAM (Nordiska föreningen för Arkeologiska Friluftsmuseer). The Nordic organisation for AOAM

2008 2016 Vice Chairman of DVA (Destination Viking association)

2009 - 2012 Director of the medieval cogship organisationen

2010 - As a director of the board for IMTAL-Europe (The International Museum Theatre Alliance) and from 2016 Tresurer

2012- 2014 Vice President of EXARC (European Exchange on Archaeological Research and Communication) with more then 100 member museum and  organisation in 25 countries.

2013 - Tresurer IMTAL-Europe (The International Museum Theatre Alliance)

2016  - Chairman of the turistorganisation Handelsplats Höllviken, Sweden

2016 - member of the board Vellinge turistorganisation

2017 - Chairman of DVA (Destination Viking association)

2017 - member of the board VFFG (Vellinge Företagar Förening)

2017 - Vice Chairman and Tresurer IMTAL-Europe (The International Museum Theatre Alliance)

2018 - 2019 Vice Chairman of DVA (Destination Viking association)

2019 - Chairman  Musikföreningen Vinyl

2020 - member of board  Goda livet på landet

Eu project that Björn M Buttler Jakobsen been consult, partner in or working as leader partner

1998-1999 The history of the region  Öresund Now and then EU-project Interreg Ia. Lead partner for the part

2000-2003 BALDER EU-project Interreg IIb. Lead partner for the part  ”Viking”.

2002-2005 ”Destination Viking Living History”. EU-project Interreg IIIB, leadpartner.

2003-2006  ”Destination Viking Sagaland”. EU-project Interreg IIIB, Consult

2003-2006 ”Nave Nortrail”.  EU-projekt Interreg IIIB, partner.

2002- 2006 ”KNOT” (Kultur Natur och Turism). EU- projekt Interreg IIIC, partner

2007-2010 ”LiveARCH”, EU-projekt Kultur 2000, partner.

2007-2007 ”Växtkraft” Mål 3, Partner

2008-2010 ”Bike the Baltic” EU-projekt South Baltic Programme, partner.

2010-2011 ”AmaProf” EU-projekt Interreg IV4A Öresund, Leadpartner

2010-2011 "Hands on"  a Leader project

2011-2015  "openARCH" , EU-projekt Cultur 2000, partner.

2011-2012  "INtheater" EU-projekt South Baltic Programme, partner

2012-2014  "Craftland"  EU-projekt South Baltic Programme, partner

2012-2013   Söderslätt Museum network a Leader project

2013-2014   Project coordinator "The Vikings are coming" Leader project

2015-2019   Follow the vikings,  Crerativ Europe, partner